What do you get?

— AllroadAdventure Sweden—

With the 2 till 4 days Adventure Sweden we will have a Base Camp from where we ride. We will ride between 150 and 250 km each day. This depends of the ridingskills of the group. Remember, this is a real Ride Light Tour with only a backpack with stuff what we really need on our Adventure. You will get a list from us. Breakfast and dinner will take place on our Base Camp. The lunch will be eaten at a quiet lake where you can relax and enjoy the sounds of nature, a good conversation and your lunch.

—Allroad Training Sweden —

We have our Allroadtraining in Sweden. We start with a theory course: How to ride the bike offroad, position on the bike, how to prepare yourself and your bike etc. After this course we shall check the bikes and then we will train on different undergrounds. We train on gravel and sand,  riding techniques etc. We have a Base Camp from where we start with this training. We will have breakfast and dinner at our Base Camp and lunch somewhere in the forrest.

— Allroad Norway —

Allroad Norway! We start this AllroadAdventure in beautiful Värmland (Sweden) and from there we will drive to Norway. There will be a lot offroad so this Adventure is for the medium and more experienced Allroadrider. You and your bike have to be in a good condition. There will be a day with 160km Offroad! We will ride over offroadtracks and beautiful gravelroads through the mountains with eternal snow. We will pass Geiranger Fjord and the famous mountain road Trollstigen. This is a 7 days driving Adventure. We will spent the nights in hotels or Mountain cabins. There shall we have dinner and breakfast. Amaze yourself with breathtaking beautiful views over mountains, waterfalls, wild rivers and fjords!    

60/40 tires recommended (TKC 80, Heidenau k60, Metzeler Karoo 3, Michelin Anakee Wild)

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